Alcohol Action Ireland’s Have We Bottled It? Alcohol Marketing and Young People survey reveals that young people are being exposed to alcohol brands from a young age.

Among 16 to 21-year-olds, alcohol ads represented five out of their top ten favourite ads. Among the younger 16 to 17 year old age group, one in three said they had seen an ad or pop-up for an alcohol product on their social networking page, while one in five said they had received an online quiz about alcohol or drinking

Some of the key findings from the survey were that:

  • 85% of those surveyed say that the current level of alcohol consumption in Ireland is a problem, while 69% say the Government is not doing enough to address the country’s alcohol problem
  • Two out of three (65%) believe there should be a minimum price on alcohol, below which alcohol cannot be sold
  • Almost half of people (47%) say they would buy less alcohol if the price was to increase by just 10%
  • One in four say the drop in the price of alcohol in supermarkets has influenced them to buy more alcohol
  • 67% say alcohol should not be positioned beside or behind the till in convenience stores
  • 81% of those surveyed supported a ban on all alcohol advertising on TV and radio until after 9pm
  • Half of Irish adults supported a ban on alcohol companies sponsoring sports teams or even

You can view the Have We Bottled It? Alcohol Marketing and Young People survey in the presentation above or on Slideshare by following this link.

Click here to read Alcohol Action Ireland’s policy position on the marketing of alcohol.

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