Frequent fear, often  feeling unsafe and witnessing alcohol-related parental conflict were childhood realities for 71,000  to 90,000 children growing up in Ireland. Alcohol Action Ireland commissioned a leading  market research firm  to carry out  the first ever prevalence survey on the impact of parental alcohol problems on children growing up in families in Ireland.

It is important for all of us to remember that this was a survey of adults but there are thousands of children in Ireland today for whom this is their current life. You can find a copy of the survey results below along with expert presentations from consutlant child and adolescent psychiatrist  Dr. Sarah  Buckley and substance misuse in the family expert Wendy Robinson.

Our research is not intended to be an end but a start to recognising, understanding and meeting these children’s needs.

Keeping It In The Family Survey2009

Impact On Child Parental Alcohol Misuse Dr Sarah Buckley

Parental Drinking Keeping The Child In Mind Wendy Robinson

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