Alcohol, Health and Harm

To view a report on the  Health-Related Consequences of Problem Alcohol Use, click on the link below

A report on  Alcohol Related Harm in Ireland  by Dr Ann Hope documents the extent and nature of alcohol harms to both to the drinker and to those affected by the drinker

The World Health Organisation (WHO) published a  Global Status Report on Alcohol  in 2004 which details patterns of alcohol use and consequences of consumption

How much do we drink?

The HSE report on  Alcohol Consumption in Ireland 1986-2006  is available from

The most recent (2007) Eurobarometer report on  Attitudes Towards Alcohol  can be found at

To read an executive summary of the results of the Irish report on the 2007 European Schools Project for Alcohol and other Drugs (ESPAD) survey, click on the link below

The full report on the Irish ESPAD data can be downloaded from the link below

Click on the link below to access a copy of a report on the link between alcohol affordability, consumption and harms requested by the European Commission’s Department of Health and Consumer Affairs

Drink Driving

View Declan Bedford’s findings on  Drink Driving in Ireland  presented to the Road Safety Authority conference in October 2008

PARC  Drink Driving Limit Survey

The  Road Safety Strategy 2007-2012  can be found by clicking on the following link

Alcohol and Women

For an information booklet on the effects of alcohol use on women, click on the link below

The  Coombe Women’s Hospital Study of Alcohol, Smoking and Illicit Drug Use 1987-2005  can be found at

Alcohol, Mental Health and Suicide

An Oireachtas report on  The High Level of Suicide in Irish Society  can be viewed at

Reports, presentations and research on suicide and deliberate self harm, as well as  Reach Out: The Irish National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention 2005-2014  are available from the National Office for Suicide Prevention at

The UK Mental Health Foundation has published a report called  Cheers? Understanding the Relationship between Alcohol and Mental Healthwhich is available by clicking on

The National Suicide Research Foundation publish a  National Registry of Deliberate Self Harm. Their annual report for 2006/2007 is available at the link below

Marketing Alcohol

The Science Group of the European Alcohol and Health Forum was requested by the Forum in 2008 to prepare an in-depth analysis of the relationship between marketing communication and volume and patterns of alcohol consumption, especially by young people. The report can be found by clicking on the following link

A report  detailing the exposure of young people to alcohol marketing was launched by the National Youth Council of Ireland in June 2009. Click on the link below to access a copy of  Get ’em Young



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