A comprehensive library of reports and publications relating to alcohol policy in Ireland and abroad, as well as Alcohol Action Ireland's own publications

Marketing alcohol – children under…

Every day children and young people are continuously exposed to positive, risk-free images of alcohol and its use

Alcohol, suicide and mental health

Alcohol can contribute to the development of mental health problems as well as exacerbating pre-existing mental health difficulties

Alcohol, children and young people

Alcohol use is a serious risk to children and young people’s health and well-being

Women and alcohol: time for a re-think?

Why are women at increased health risk from alcohol?

Alcohol and pregnancy

It is in a child’s best interests for a prospective mother not to drink alcohol while pregnant

Alcohol and driving

Even in small amounts, alcohol impairs driving ability - any amount of alcohol increases the risk of involvement in a fatal crash.

Alcohol sponsorship of sports

Alcohol sponsorship of sport is the keystone for a wide range of alcohol marketing activity in Ireland.