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The ‘lethal interaction’ of alcohol and COVID-19

Alcohol consumption and how it interacts with COVID-19 across a range of individual and societal dimensions represent a “major public health challenge”, a comprehensive new report on the topic has found. The report “Alcohol and the coronavirus pandemic: individual, societal and policy perspectives”[1] finds that COVID-19 and alcohol consumption has played a crucial role in the transmission and propagation of the pandemic. “In short, alcohol and COVID-19 has been, and continues to be, a lethal interaction,” it states. While the report is... Full Story

Ireland’s first ever seminar on Korsakoff’s Syndrome

The challenges and opportunities for a Forgotten Population. Organised by Neurological Alliance of Ireland, Bloomfield Mental Health Services and Alcohol Action Ireland, this event took place, virtually, on Friday, 6 Nov 2020, and aimed to highlight the unique needs of those living with Korsakoff's Syndrome, including the lack of specific services in Ireland and the current policy context. Korsakoff's Syndrome is a particularly significant outcome of alcohol abuse. This condition occurs due to low levels of thiamine, which is itself often a direct consequence... Full Story

Just how widespread and pervasive is alcohol in children’s lives?

Over the past number of months, Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) has contributed to a range of consultations[1], media articles[2], research initiatives[3] and other advocacy efforts in relation to children and the harm that alcohol causes in their lives.[4] This awareness raising and advocacy is part of AAI’s work to advance its strategic goal of a childhood free from alcohol-harm.[5] As we carry out this work, it becomes increasingly apparent just how widespread and pervasive alcohol is in children’s lives, how... Full Story

Ireland can’t wait any longer for the North – it must lead.  

Public health demands commencement of minimum unit pricing must proceed.  Public health alcohol policy, framed by the Public Health Alcohol Act, enacted minimum pricing for alcohol products as a proven measure to reduce alcohol use especially amongst the most hazardous of drinkers. This establishes a floor price for all alcohol products beneath which they cannot be legally sold. However, after near 700 days it still remains to be implemented. This would ensure that the cheapest, strongest alcohol, carefully selected by... Full Story

Progress on the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol in Northern Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland, the independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, welcome the announcement today (29 July) from Northern Ireland Health Minister, Robin Swann, of his commitment to holding a full public consultation on the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol in Northern Ireland. The introduction of minimum pricing for alcohol products in Scotland, Wales and Jersey have seen significant reductions in the level of cheap, strong alcohol sold, while its introduction in other jurisdictions across the world such as... Full Story

Growing concern about the volumes of alcohol being brought into Irish homes.

Since the outset of the COVID-19 lockdown in mid-March, we have been monitoring all available public trade data , mainly from Nielsen and Kantar; two significant trends emerging are both noteworthy and worrying. Firstly, over the Easter period (5-19 April) we know there was a 44% increase in off-trade sales when compared with the previous Easter of 2019. In the 10 week period of the lockdown, trade data indicates a 40% rise in off-trade alcohol sales. Initially one may have... Full Story

We have to talk about the trauma to our children

There has been much talk of the issues arising from Covid-19 and the measures we are collectively taking to mitigate its impact. Of particular concern to Alcohol Action Ireland are the likely 200,000 children confined in homes where parental alcohol misuse is a frequent source of trauma and who are now cut off from their normal supports of school, sports, clubs and friends. The recent insight from the Social Impact of COVID-19 Survey by the CSO, highlights that respondents living... Full Story

Industry’s capture of political leadership: how can advocacy for alcohol control breakthrough?

This paper was first presented at the Sixth Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Dublin, Ireland. March 9-11, 2020 by Eunan McKinney, Head Communications and Advocacy, Alcohol Action Ireland.   Abstract Nation-states grapple with developing and implementing effective alcohol control policies. A coherent global action to reduce alcohol related harms has been led by the WHO and signposted within its 2010 strategy. It proposed options over 10 action areas to reduce harms and promote better health and wellbeing. In Europe, where... Full Story

Alcohol Action proud to be selected for EU Protects campaign

We are delighted to have been selected to feature in the most recent EU Protects campaign created by the European Commission. It provides information on how Europe contributes to the protection of its citizens from the diverse global risks and challenges that we face today; challenges to our borders and our health, our environment and our homes, our families and our neighbours. In 2016, with the assistance of a small National Lottery award, Alcohol Action Ireland were afforded the opportunity... Full Story

My World Survey 2 results highlights the concerning enrolment of our children to Ireland’s harmful drinkers.

Alcohol Action Ireland today (19 November) note the results of the ‘My World Survey 2’ - The National Study of Youth Mental Health in Ireland, published by Jigsaw/UCD.   The results demonstrate the harmful impact of alcohol in young lives and reinforces the fact that there is no safe limit for children to consume alcohol. Analyses revealed a clear link between harmful and hazardous levels of alcohol behaviour and psychological distress.   The research examined alcohol behaviour amongst adolescents and... Full Story

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