A review of 2014 RTC fatalities with a positive toxicology for alcohol

The preliminary findings of this report, which examined the toxicology reports of those killed in road crashes in 2014, has revealed that 31% of people killed had alcohol in their system at the time of their deaths.

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Cancer Prevention Factsheet

A factsheet from the National Cancer Control Programme on alcohol and cancer.

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Alcohol - The Irish Situation

An updated (November 2016) fact sheet on alcohol in Ireland from the Health Research Board.

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Alcohol Action - Operation Encompass proposal

Operation Encompass and WHY not in Ireland - a paper outlining the Programme's introduction in Ireland.

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Briefing note on Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is described as ‘early intervention at its best’ and is established in 40 police forces in England and Wales and in Police Scotland.

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Clarion Declaration

To protect the integrity and legitimacy of alcohol research, and the reputation of academic institutions in the field of alcohol research, no funding relationships with the alcohol industry should be entered into.

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