A review of 2014 RTC fatalities with a positive toxicology for alcohol

The preliminary findings of this report, which examined the toxicology reports of those killed in road crashes in 2014, has revealed that 31% of people killed had alcohol in their system at the time of their deaths.

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Cancer Prevention Factsheet

A factsheet from the National Cancer Control Programme on alcohol and cancer.

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Alcohol - The Irish Situation

An updated (November 2016) fact sheet on alcohol in Ireland from the Health Research Board.

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Taking the Lid Off

Taking the Lid Off was developed for adults and older teenagers with three purposes:
• To help family members increase their understanding of addiction.
• To explore how it affects those living with it.
• To look at what helps based on the strongest evidence we have.
Developed through the 'Taking the Lid Off' Partnership
(ASCERT, South Eastern Trust & Barnardo’s)

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Nacoa Support Letter

Nacoa anticipates that, given the isolation and insecurity brought on by current events - COVID19 - that children and young people will be especially burdened during the closure of public services.

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Further feedback on the regulation of harmful online content

By way of follow-on to our submission to the 2019 Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment’s consultation on the views of the public and all stakeholders on how Ireland should introduce legislation for the regulation of harmful online content at a national level (strand 1) and the implementation of the revised AVMSD (Strands 2-4), and the subsequent publication of the the general scheme of the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill, to protect children online (January 2020), which awaits further consideration and scrutiny – Alcohol Action Ireland wish to provide feedback in advance of stakeholder workshops to follow in the coming months.

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